About the Northern California Region

In 1997, ten bay area counties were designated as the Northern California HIDTA. Approximately eight million people live in this region, which is simultaneously both a major production and distribution center of illegal narcotics.

Smugglers use the three international airports serving over 58 million passengers annually to move illegal drugs and money. Three deepwater ports handle over 35,000 container shipments per month. Commercial vehicles have become an increasingly popular method of smuggling with the use of the many highway corridors leading into the bay area. Northern California has increasingly become the target of Mexican polydrug organizations.

NC HIDTA is composed of individual local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies within the Counties of Alameda - Contra Costa - Humboldt - Lake - Marin - Mendocino - Monterey - San Francisco - San Mateo - Santa Clara - Santa Cruz and Sonoma united in the common goal of reducing drug-related crime, violence, and abuse in our communities.

NC HIDTA Mission

The Northern California HIDTA’s mission is to measurably reduce the availability of illicit drugs and drug-related crime and violence in support of the National Drug Control Strategy by encouraging: balanced governance of the HIDTA, inter-agency cooperation, the sharing of information, and use of strategic and tactical intelligence in the planning, budgeting and investigative process.

Resources & Initiatives to Confront Drug-Trafficking

HIDTA funds help federal, state and local law enforcement organizations invest in infrastructure and joint initiatives to confront drug-trafficking organizations.

The key priorities of the program are:

  • Assess regional drug threats; 
  • Design strategies to focus efforts that combat drug trafficking threats;
  • Develop and fund initiatives to implement strategies; 
  • Facilitate coordination between federal, state and local law enforcement agencies through co-location, de-confliction and intelligence-led decision making; 
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of drug control efforts to reduce or eliminate the harmful impact of drug trafficking.

Who Governs the HIDTA?

The day-to-day administrative, financial, and program management for the operations of the HIDTA are the responsibilities of the HIDTA executive director and the deputy directors. Each HIDTA is governed by its own executive board comprised of a balanced number of federal law enforcement executives, including the United States Attorney for the federal district, and a balanced number of state/local law enforcement executives, including a district attorney or state attorney general. These Boards facilitate interagency drug control efforts to eliminate or reduce drug threats. The Executive Boards ensure threat specific strategies and initiatives are developed, employed, supported and evaluated.

The NCRIC is governed by the NCHIDTA /NCRIC Executive Board comprised of 18 voting members, 9 federal and 9 local agency members.

  • The Executive Board facilitates inter-agency efforts to eliminate or reduce public safety threats to the region.
  • The Executive Board ensures that threat specific strategies and initiatives are developed, employed, supported and evaluated.

NCHIDTA & NCRIC Executive Board:

  • SAC - DHS-HSI - Tatum King - Vice-Chair
  • Inspector in Charge - USPIS - Rafael Nunez
  • SAC - ATF - Pat Gorman
  • SAC - DEA - Wade Shannon
  • SAC - FBI - Craig Fair
  • SAC - IRS-CID - Michael Daniels (Acting)
  • US Marshal - Don O'Keefe
  • US Attorney - Stephanie Hinds (Acting)
  • SAC - Forest Service LE & Inv - Don Hoang
  • Chief - San Francisco PD - William Scott - Chair
  • Chief - Daly City PD - Patrick Hensley
  • Sheriff - San Mateo Co - Carlos G. Bolanos
  • DA - Alameda Co - Nancy E. O'Malley
  • Director - California DOJ-DLE - Stephen Woolery
  • Sheriff - Marin Co - Robert Doyle
  • Chief - San Jose PD - Anthony Mata
  • Sheriff - Contra Costa Co - David Livingston
  • Sheriff - Alameda Co - Greg Ahern
  • Executive Director – NC HIDTA/NCRIC - Mike Sena

NCHIDTA & NCRIC Executive Management Team:

Mike Sena - Executive Director
Karen Sherwood - Deputy Director
Randy Wagner - Deputy Director

Executive Director Mike Sena
450 Golden Gate Avenue, 14th Floor (Physical Address)
P.O. Box 36102 (Mailing Address)
San Francisco, CA, 94102
415-233-9276 for the Duty Officer
571-387-5975 for Executive Assistant Nanci Garcia
571-387-4600 FAX

To be notified of future employment opportunities as an analyst please visit our fiscal agent's website for unclassified, grant funding limited, positions as an intelligence analyst or lead intelligence analyst.




Who Should Participate

 Sworn Law


 Law Enforcement


If you are state, local or federal law enforcement agent or supporting agency significant resources are made available to you.

The Benefits of Membership
  • In Service Training Opportunities
  • Participation in Intelligence Led Policing
  • Analytical Case Support *
  • Access to Law Enforcement Sensitive Materials *
  • Access to Specialized Equipment *

* Law Enforcement Only

Urgent Threats/Incidents
Dial 911 or (415)553-7400

For non-urgent tips or leads.  Call (24/7)
1-866-FOR-TTIP (1-415-233-9276)
Email: dutyofficer@ncric.ca.gov

450 Golden Gate Ave., 14th Floor
P.O. Box 36102
San Francisco, CA 94102

Phone: (415) 436-8121
Fax: (571) 387-4600

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