NC HIDTA Initiatives' Mission & Objectives

The mission of the Northern California HIDTA Initiatives/Task Forces is to measurably reduce drug trafficking, thereby reducing the impact of illicit drugs in this and other areas of the country.

This will be accomplished through the following HIDTA supported objectives:*

Coordinating the exchange of narcotics intelligence by all participating Federal, State and local agencies to detect, disrupt, and dismantle drug trafficking organizations, money laundering organizations, and associated violent crime.

Enhancing Officer Safety for all Northern California HIDTA law enforcement personnel through the use of deconfliction, joint training, and inter-agency cooperation.

Utilizing the Regional Investigative Equipment Pool and Partner NCHIDTA Task Force Resources.

Participating in multi-agency collocated Task Forces.

Current Northern California HIDTA Initiatives

Bay Area Narcotic Information Network (BAYNIN)
This initiative collocates agencies and efforts through the use of a regional information center. The center provides target information and enhances officer safety through the use of deconfliction, support case analysis, and predictive analysis. All interdiction operations and investigations are coordinated with the information center. BAYNIN also operates a regional equipment pool that makes surveillance and communications equipment available to all agencies located within the Northern California HIDTA region. A Wire Intercept Room is available for local, state, and federal telephone intercept investigations. Regional training courses are also offered to all Northern California HIDTA agencies.

NCHIDTA Training Initiative
The Northern California HIDTA Training Initiative provides training opportunities to address the identified training needs of law enforcement practitioners. The mission of the Training Initiative is to provide training to the Northern California HIDTA region's law enforcement officers to enhance their knowledge, skill and ability to address the criminal threats identified in the Northern California HIDTA Threat Assessment.

East Bay Priority Target Organization Task Force
This initiative was established in 2006 and includes components of Northern California HIDTA's East Bay Heroin and Methamphetamine Task Force and Oakland Area Drug Task Force. The Initiative will be a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) managed, collocated Federal, state and local task force and will be housed at the DEA office in Oakland.  The East Bay PTO Task Force will target the international command and control organizations identified on the multi-agency Consolidated Priority Organization Target (CPOT) list developed by Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) member agencies. In addition, the East Bay PTO Task Force will target Regional Priority Organization Targets (RPOTs) whose drug trafficking and money laundering activities have a significant impact in a particular region of the United States. The identified and targeted CPOT, RPOT and local DTOs will be disrupted or dismantled through multi-agency investigations directed by the East Bay PTO Task Force. Joint Money Laundering Initiative (JML) is a multi-agency initiative involving personnel from various federal, state and local agencies and the Northern California HIDTA.  The lead agency is the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and is located in ICE-supplied office space in San Francisco, California.

The JML identifies and targets drug trafficking organizations that launder money and other drug proceeds both internationally and domestically and  identifies and monitors the methods used by drug trafficking organizations and money launderers to transport drug proceeds into and out of the San Francisco Bay Area.   The JML  develops sources of information on drug-related financial transactions.   These sources of information include sources in the financial and business communities that assist in identifying suspicious real estate transactions and financial activities such as structuring, large cash transactions, bulk cash smuggling and large wire transfers.

Mendocino Major Crimes Task Force
MMCTF furthers the mission of the Northern California HIDTA (NC HIDTA) by eradicating large amounts of marijuana in both indoor and outdoor grows in Mendocino County, both on private property and in the vast National Forests. As a result of the legalization of recreational marijuana in California, Mendocino County has delegated the regulation of marijuana to the county agricultural department. MMCTF maintains jurisdiction over felony level marijuana eradication including those investigations involving the seizure of weapons, assets, and crimes of violence. MMCTF continues to be successful in eradicating the on-going large-scale cultivation of marijuana and disruption of the distribution of methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin that is sold in Mendocino County and smuggled to other areas of the United States via Highway 101 and Highway 20

North County Priority Target Organization Task Force
This initiative combines the Sonoma County Methamphetamine Task Force and Marin County Drug Task Force.  The initiative is a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) managed, collocated Federal, state and local task force, housed in DEA-supplied office space in Windsor, California.

The NCPTOTF conducts multi-agency investigations on DTOs responsible for the importation, clandestine manufacturing and distribution of illicit drugs in the greater Sonoma, Marin County areas.


San Francisco Metropolitan Task Force (SF Metro)
The San Francisco METRO Task Force was established in 2006.  The Initiative includes components of Northern California HIDTA's NC Clandestine Laboratory Task Force, San Francisco Drug Task Force and Bay Area Narcotic Interdiction Initiative.   The Initiative will be a California Department of Justice Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement managed Initiative and will be located in San Francisco, California.

San Francisco METRO consists of full-time, collocated Federal, state and local law enforcement task force personnel conducting multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional investigations targeting midsize and major drug trafficking organizations (DTOs).  
The emphasis will be to disrupt and dismantle criminal drug manufacturing and trafficking organizations that import, distribute and manufacture illegal narcotics by violently intimidating and corrupting San Francisco communities utilizing criminal financial structures and sophisticated technology to sustain their criminal enterprise throughout the San Francisco Area and Northern California HIDTA region.

San Mateo County Narcotics Task Force
The SMNTF through a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) with city and county agencies in San Mateo County, provides drug enforcement to both the incorporated and unincorporated areas of San Mateo County.

The SMNTF promotes joint investgations; identifying methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine  manufacturing and/or distribution organizations; targeting organizations identified by the Northern California HIDTA Threat Assessment; arresting/indicting methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine related violators; and promoting information training, and intelligence sharing.

South Bay Multi-Agency Enforcement Teams for Regional Criminal Organizations (SB Metro)
South Bay METRO is a continuing Northern California  HIDTA Initiative but management has shifited from the California Department of Justice Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement (CA/DOJ/BNE) to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). It consists of full-time, collocated Federal, state and local law enforcement task force personnel conducting multi-agency investigations targeting midsize and major controlled substances manufacturing and DTOs, as well as investigations of the sale and diversion of apparatus, precursor and essential chemicals used for the manufacture of controlled substances in support of those DTOs. South Bay METRO is located in HIDTA-funded office space in San Jose, California.
In addition to the agents and officers previously on the South Bay Meth task force, South Bay METRO will include more than 50 law enforcement officers in non-HIDTA task forces who assist in controlled substances investigations in the Southern Bay region, and who will contribute to and enhance the goals and objectives of South Bay METRO. These task forces are:

The Santa Clara County Specialized Enforcement Team (SCCSET)
The Santa Cruz County Anti-CrimeTeam (SCCACT)
The Southern Alameda County Major Crimes Task Force (SACMCTF) 
The Monterey County Narcotic and Violent Crime Task Force (MCNVCTF)
The United Narcotic Enforcement Team (UNET) 

Northern CA Joint Fugitive Task Force
The Northern California Joint Fugitive Task Force (NC JFTF) integrates the expertise and resources of the United States Marshals Service along with the participating agencies to successfully locate and arrest
significant narcotic, gang, and violent fugitives in the twelve 13 California counties that make up the NC HIDTA. Fugitive cases are pursued from all NC HIDTA initiatives, the DEA, and other Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. The San Francisco Bay Area is considered, by many experts to be the command and control locations for major drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) operating in California and the Western section of the United States. Since drug traffickers and street level drug dealers often use criminal street gangs to protect their shipments and protect their turf, the NC JFTF focuses on apprehending gang fugitives, supporting gang enforcement efforts, and violent offenders.”



The Benefits of Membership
  • In Service Training Opportunities
  • Participation in Intelligence Led Policing
  • Analytical Case Support *
  • Access to Law Enforcement Sensitive Materials *
  • Access to Specialized Equipment *

* Law Enforcement Only

  • Alameda County District Attorney's Office
  • Alameda County Sheriff's Office
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
  • California Department of Justice
    • Bureau of Investigation
  • California Highway Patrol
  • California National Guard
  • California STAC Contributors
  • Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office
  • Department of Emergency Management San Francisco
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Drug Enforcement Administration
  • FBI Field Division, San Francisco
  • Federal Protective Service
  • Federal Reserve Bank Police - San Francisco
  • Immigration & Customs Enforcement
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Los Angeles Joint Regional Intelligence Center
  • Marin County Sheriff's Office
  • Oakland Fire Department 
  • Redwood City Police Department
  • Regional Information Sharing Systems
  • Sacramento Central California Intelligence Center
  • San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center
  • San Francisco County Sheriff's Department
  • San Francisco Fire Department
  • San Francisco Police Department
  • San Jose Police Department
  • San Mateo County Sheriff's Office
  • Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office
  • US Attorney's Office Northern District of California
  • United States Coast Guard
  • United States Marshals Service
  • United States Postal Inspection Service
  • Western States Information Network

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